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Adult Class
The all adult's class is a great opportunity to train with students of all levels.  Adult's from white to black belt rank will experience a full range of training in basics, footwork, mitt training and fighting combination technique.  The class will include Kata form practices and Kumite sparring. 
Children's Class/Tiny Tots Class, 4-6 years old​
This class  focuses on karate basics and proper dojo etiquette in a highly spirited and energetic environment.  The class also aims to improve your child's foucs, flexibility, balance, reflexes, coordination and patience.
Weapons Class​
Students who are green belt or higher will have the opportunity to take the 45 minute class to learn the basics and forms of traditional Japanese weapons.  The weapons include bow, tonfa and numuchaku.  This is a highly recommended class to build technique and explore the many aspects of traditional Japanese karate.
Heavy Bag Training​
You will practice basic and advanced combinations on a heavy bag with fighting mitts.  Not only will you condition your body for powerful contact, your strength, speed, stamina and endurance will improve.
Ladies Exercise Class​
This class allows for women of all ages to condition their body by stretching, building strength, speed and endurance. 
Childern's Class, 7 years old and up​
This children's class allows for kids to train with white to black belt rank.  The class includes basic training, Kata form practices and Kumite sparring.  As students gain more experience they will naturally start to develop their personal fighting style.  Advance technique and training will be taught to further improve the students skill while conditioning the body and mind.
We offer a wide range of Karate classes for both children and adults.  Classes also include Weapons training, Heavy Bag training and a Ladies exercise classes. We offer Private lessons for one on one training for advanced students.
Private Lessons
This class is offered by appointment only. This class allows students to work with Shihan Sakataka on a one-on-one bases, allowing for students to work on improving their Kata to Kumite skills and focusing on specific areas they want to improve or are having trouble understanding.
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