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New Jersey Oyama Karate has been located in Cliffside Park since 1998. We offer traditional Japanese full-contact karate in a unique and modern setting.  From kata and weapons, to self-defense and bag training, our classes are designed to help you set short term goals and reach your long term goals.  We believe that everyone can learn and become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually in order to become a more peaceful individual.  At the same time we offer expert fighting, conditioning and weapons classes for those who want to take their skills to the next level and represent our dojo in tournaments.

New Jersey Oyama Karate Is Committed To Teaching You Karate
Don't think about it. Don't talk about it. Just Sweat!

World Oyama Karate is based on the ancient tradition system of training.  Our style is quite different from most modern styles of Karate. We first teach basic attack techniques, not block techniques.  By learning an offensive technique first, you can understand the importance of the block that is necessary for it's defense.  In the World Oyama style, we always teach each technique with contact.  World Oyama Karate has brought the true ancient way of learning Karate to modern training.  In our teaching style, we connect basic training, KATA training and KUMITE training, allowing the student to understand the relationship between the three.  It is through your sweat and hard training that your mind is opened to understanding.  Only then can you connect the mental with the physical and truly understand the point of Karate.  This is our philosophy.